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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Realtor To List Your Home For Sale

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Over the years the question of “why should I hire a Realtor” has come up more times than I can count. I thought I’d share my perspective on this for more of a selfish “I hope less people ask this question” type of reason. While this is my motivation it doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason to hire a Realtor. Let me explain.

Many homeowners that are considering the sale of their home operate on the mistaken belief that they can save money by avoiding the commissions of a professional realtor. While you may be an excellent negotiator and fully capable of getting a reasonable price on your property by yourself, you still stand to benefit more through the services of a real estate agent, thanks to their level of experience, knowledge of the market, and legal position as an intermediary between you and the seller.

Realtors Offer Their Experience To Serve Your Best Interests

After having lived in a home for many years, you can very easily get used to a number of relatively simple compromises that will affect the value of your house on the market. A good realtor has the expertise necessary to tell what improvements can be made in order to ensure a sale at maximum profit.

These improvements can range from the suggestion of a simple outside paint job to a full-on consultation about managing the property’s appearance and utility in a way that presents it in the best possible light. These extra steps can result in considerable profits at the end of the deal that you, as a homeowner, may otherwise have been unaware of.

Your Real Estate Agency Has Valuable Knowledge That Can Help You

While it may be tempting to simply list your home on whatever website seems to be the most convenient and feature the highest traffic, an agent who has studied the market intensively knows best what options should be taken, and which are not worth the investment.

For instance, what matters more than being listed on the website with the highest traffic is being listed on the one with the highest number of successful sales in your area, for homes like yours. This is information that only an established agency would have access to.

A Legal Buffer Is Of Critical Importance

All kinds of real estate deals can go south in a number of ways, legally speaking. There are numerous cases of homeowners who were faced with unwelcome surprise lawsuits stemming from issues they did not know they had when selling their home by themselves.

An experienced real estate agent makes it his or her business to identify these cases and to take responsibility for minimizing your level of liability. This allows the agency to act as a buffer between you and any legal liability you may have to the buyer.

I hope this make sense and, of course, if you have other points to make or questions you can comment below.